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Unity Tax Relief provides comprehensive tax preparation services to individuals and businesses to ensure that they meet their tax obligations and avoid costly penalties and interest.

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Unity Tax Relief Provides Comprehensive Tax Preparation Services to Individuals and Businesses

Tax preparation is the process of organizing and submitting tax returns to the relevant tax authorities, such as the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) or state revenue department.

It involves collecting all relevant financial and tax information, computing the amount of tax owed or refund due, and filing the appropriate tax forms by the deadline.

Tax preparation can be a complex and time-consuming task, especially for individuals or businesses with complicated financial affairs or multiple sources of income. This is where tax preparation services such as those offered by Unity Tax Relief come in.

Unity Tax Relief provides comprehensive tax preparation services to individuals and businesses to ensure that they meet their tax obligations and avoid costly penalties and interest. The company’s experienced tax professionals are trained to prepare accurate and timely tax returns for a variety of entities, including individuals, partnerships, corporations, estates, and trusts.

The tax preparation services offered by Unity Tax Relief include:

Personalized tax planning – Unity Tax Relief’s tax professionals work with clients to develop a personalized tax plan to help them minimize their tax liability and identify potential tax-saving opportunities.

Tax return preparation – Unity Tax Relief prepares and files federal and state tax returns for individuals, businesses, estates, and trusts. The company’s team ensures that all forms are correctly completed and submitted on time to avoid penalties and interest.

Tax resolution services – If a client has an outstanding tax debt, Unity Tax Relief can help them negotiate with the IRS or state tax authorities to resolve the issue. The company’s team can assist clients in setting up a payment plan, submitting an offer in compromise, or negotiating a settlement.

Audit defence – If a client is audited by the IRS, Unity Tax Relief’s team of experienced tax professionals can represent them and provide expert advice on how to handle the audit and any subsequent disputes.

Tax education and resources – Unity Tax Relief provides clients with educational resources, such as tax guides and calculators, to help them understand their tax obligations and make informed decisions.

In summary, Unity Tax Relief offers a range of tax preparation services to help individuals and businesses comply with their tax obligations and minimize their tax liabilities.

The company’s team of experienced tax professionals can prepare accurate and timely tax returns, provide tax planning advice, resolve tax disputes, and educate clients on tax-related matters.

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Lets Solve Your IRS Tax Problems

Tax Resolution In 2 Simple Steps


We start the process with a free consultation before conducting a thorough investigation to determine exactly how much money you owe to state and federal authorities as well as any potential tax issues. After that, we determine IRS compliance.


Unity Tax Relief will then propose a best-case, best-practices IRS resolution. We are in the best position to save you the most money by leveraging our experience and expertise. We will assist in determining and tailoring a plan to attain a resolution.

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The aim of tax consultation is to minimize tax liabilities while staying in compliance with tax laws and regulations.

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We are committed to providing quality services for your complex taxation world with convenience, confidence, and clarity.

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We are America's most experienced tax resolution team, and we have successfully assisted taxpayers in resolving IRS matters.

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We at Unity Tax Relief will assist you in resolving any tax-related concerns in the most efficient way by negotiating with the IRS (Internal Revenue Service) on your behalf. To offer end-to-end tax counselling services, we have carefully chosen tax lawyers, CPAs, enrolled agents, and former IRS agents.

We are aware that keeping up with new tax laws and deductions, much alone maintaining your company’s financial records, may be challenging. Hence, we’re here. In order to secure your company and provide you piece of mind regarding the IRS, we’ll give you the best service we can.

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